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Powerful Communication Moments Most Leaders Miss

Employees pay an extraordinary amount of attention to what we do in the moment. What we communicate when we aren’t formally thinking about communication is what employees actually hear.

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Amanda Young Hickman Oct 15, 2015

The Two Word Secret to Making the Matrix Work

The matrix is here to stay. It’s an organizational structure, when done right, that can be agile and responsive to the market; can knit together global and local priorities; can leverage...

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Amanda Young Hickman Sep 24, 2015

Real Life Data: Successful Leaders Take Time to Plan

How do successful leaders do it? It’s the question we all ask. We all want to tap into their lessons and shamelessly steal their best practices. We study how great leaders in history have thought...

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Amanda Young Hickman Apr 15, 2015

Lessons from the End

The end of a brand is often a rotten confluence of events—economic trends, smart competitors, and changing technologies can all be the death knell for a company. However, leaders or leadership...

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Amanda Young Hickman Mar 18, 2015

Large Scale Meeting? Large Scale Learning!

Most of our clients use business simulations in classroom settings. Groups of 15 or 25 or even 50 are the norm, and our simulation experiences trigger interesting interactions, great discussion...

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Amanda Young Hickman Feb 6, 2015

Simulations: Accelerating Development of First Level Leaders

When it comes to developing new leaders, many organizations face a paradox. While it’s clear first-level leaders need to jump into new roles quickly, they often aren’t provided the support they...

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Amanda Young Hickman Feb 3, 2015

How Simulation Helps Leaders Find Their Balance

We see it all too often: Top level leaders who have all the strategic skills they need to make complicated business decisions, but lack the interpersonal skills required to gain them buy-in for...

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Amanda Young Hickman Jan 23, 2015

Balanced Leadership: Leveraging Strategic and Interpersonal Skills

Learn the importance of building a balanced leadership skillset and the tools and approaches that other organizations have used to help their leaders grow and succeed as holistic leaders.

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Amanda Young Hickman Jan 13, 2015
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