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A Strategy Execution Simulation in 4 Hours


To accelerate its discussion of corporate strategy, a global industrial manufacturing leader engaged IE to embed a half-day, simulation-based learning experience into its annual...

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Karen Maxwell Powell Aug 15, 2017

The Secret to Strategic Leadership for New Leaders

Strategy is the charter of senior leaders. Or so many people think.

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Karen Maxwell Powell Feb 7, 2017

Inquiry or Advocacy for New Leaders

We work in fast-paced, changing organizations that have structures that are less and less…structured. To get work done, leaders have to be savvier than ever at knowing when, how and who to talk...

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Karen Maxwell Powell Sep 30, 2015

Catch the Tidal Wave: Coaching the Coach

Actor Victor Webster is quoted as saying, “If you throw a pebble in the water on one side of the ocean, you can create a tidal wave on the other side.” The same could be said for the actions of a...

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Karen Maxwell Powell Mar 11, 2015

Coaching for Business Results

We all know that leaders are most successful if they are able to coach and develop their teams.

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Karen Maxwell Powell Feb 11, 2015

Two Behaviors New Leaders Must Lose

Being a new manager means facing new challenges and applying new skills. However, in many cases it also means letting go of old habits. Two of the most important behaviors that must be avoided...

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Karen Maxwell Powell Nov 21, 2014

Strategy Execution for New Leaders: Challenges in Strategy Execution

This podcast focuses on strategy translation and the three critical elements of understanding, connecting and aligning. It answers the question:  What are the challenges in strategy execution for...

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Karen Maxwell Powell Jul 16, 2014

Accountability: The Nemesis of a New Leader

Promotions are exciting. Especially that first promotion that takes you from the status of “employee” to “management.” And then reality sets in. You have to hold people accountable.

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Karen Maxwell Powell May 16, 2014
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