Seven tips for successful strategy execution

Over the past ten years, I’ve led dozens of simulation-based workshops focused on executing strategy. I’ve learned much from the hundreds of students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching. But if...

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Ned Wasniewski Nov 15, 2017

Why is Financial Literacy Important for Leaders?


Financial literacy is the ability to read and use common financial reports and ratios to assess business performance. There is enormous value to a leader in...

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Ned Wasniewski Aug 8, 2017

6 Business Acumen Concepts Managers Should Know

You’ve heard the expressions before, “Cash is king” and “Cash is the lifeblood of a company.” Sounds sensible, but what does it really mean? If cash is king, what about profitability?

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Ned Wasniewski Feb 10, 2016

Lifting the Fog: Service Industry Business Acumen

For the past two decades the service sector has been the fastest growing portion of the economy. Service businesses including consultants, contractors, hospitality and professional services are...

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Laurel Tyler Nov 25, 2015

Business Simulations Transcend the “World’s Dumbest Idea”

A growing chorus of business leaders is questioning the singular notion of maximizing shareholder value. In a recent Forbes article, Jack Welch and Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce,...

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Laurel Tyler Apr 30, 2015

Discussing Strategic Finance in Your Organization Can Be Fascinating

Who would have thought this would be the year terms like “tax inversion” and “strategic finance” became cocktail party conversation? Thanks to proposed restructurings by Walgreens’ and Burger...

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Laurel Tyler Oct 22, 2014

What Is Business Acumen and Why It's Important For Leaders

It’s a fact: Effective leadership requires both interpersonal skills and business acumen. Even the most dynamic and well-liked leaders are likely to flounder if they lack overall business sense....

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Ned Wasniewski Jul 14, 2014


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