The Secret to Strategic Leadership for New Leaders

Strategy is the charter of senior leaders. Or so many people think.

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Karen Maxwell Powell Feb 7, 2017

How Do You Learn to Lead?

Most of us learn to lead through apprenticeship, watching role models -- good and bad. Some of us study the greats (WWJWD? What would Jack Welch do? WWSJD? What would Steve Jobs do?), but no one...

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Amanda Young Hickman Jan 19, 2016

Inquiry or Advocacy for New Leaders

We work in fast-paced, changing organizations that have structures that are less and less…structured. To get work done, leaders have to be savvier than ever at knowing when, how and who to talk...

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Karen Maxwell Powell Sep 30, 2015

Leadership is Social

“Your social skills are good for something”. This was the headline earlier this week from one of my favorite email feeds: The Daily Stat from the Harvard Business Review (HBR). It’s a quick read...

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Nick Noyes Sep 11, 2015

Golfing with Two Clubs?

Making business decisions purely based on the numbers and economics is not that difficult. It’s when you add the human factor that business decisions become exponentially more challenging and...

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Jamie Hayman Jun 25, 2015

Coaching for Business Results

We all know that leaders are most successful if they are able to coach and develop their teams.

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Karen Maxwell Powell Feb 11, 2015

Simulations: Accelerating Development of First Level Leaders

When it comes to developing new leaders, many organizations face a paradox. While it’s clear first-level leaders need to jump into new roles quickly, they often aren’t provided the support they...

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Amanda Young Hickman Feb 3, 2015

How Simulation Helps Leaders Find Their Balance

We see it all too often: Top level leaders who have all the strategic skills they need to make complicated business decisions, but lack the interpersonal skills required to gain them buy-in for...

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Amanda Young Hickman Jan 23, 2015
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