Two Behaviors New Leaders Must Lose

Being a new manager means facing new challenges and applying new skills. However, in many cases it also means letting go of old habits. Two of the most important behaviors that must be avoided...

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Karen Maxwell Powell Nov 21, 2014

Developing First Level Leaders: Questions and Answers

Karen Powell and I recently shared our thoughts on developing first level leaders in a webinar for members of the Human Capital Institute. The presentation generated a lot of questions and chat that...

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Amanda Young Hickman Oct 30, 2014

Strategy Execution for New Leaders: Challenges in Strategy Execution

This podcast focuses on strategy translation and the three critical elements of understanding, connecting and aligning. It answers the question:  What are the challenges in strategy execution for...

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Karen Maxwell Powell Jul 16, 2014

Accountability: The Nemesis of a New Leader

Promotions are exciting. Especially that first promotion that takes you from the status of “employee” to “management.” And then reality sets in. You have to hold people accountable.

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Karen Maxwell Powell May 16, 2014


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