Seven tips for successful strategy execution

Over the past ten years, I’ve led dozens of simulation-based workshops focused on executing strategy. I’ve learned much from the hundreds of students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching. But if...

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Ned Wasniewski Nov 15, 2017

A Strategy Execution Simulation in 4 Hours


To accelerate its discussion of corporate strategy, a global industrial manufacturing leader engaged IE to embed a half-day, simulation-based learning experience into its annual...

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Karen Maxwell Powell Aug 15, 2017

Is Your Strategy Execution Like a Changing of the Guard?

If you have ever seen the “Changing of the Guard” at Buckingham Palace in London, you know that it is executed with detailed precision; all body parts moving in complete synchronicity. In spite of...

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Brad Peirce Mar 23, 2017

4 Tips for Executing Strategy in a Matrix Organization

Often leaders in a matrix organization are working with people from very different parts of the organization to focus on a common initiative. A group of talented colleagues may have the requisite...

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Pamela Roller Feb 4, 2016

Surviving Market Cycles – Practice First!

Managing through business cycles – and there are many types of them – challenges even the most seasoned leaders. Responding to or anticipating market changes can require bold and risky...

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Ned Wasniewski Nov 10, 2015

Lessons from the Field: Strategic Thinking as Markets Evolve

Markets and customers are rapidly evolving in the financial services industry. With a business imperative to stay relevant and competitive, leaders are challenged to make day-to-day decisions that...

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Pamela Roller May 27, 2015

The 8 Predictable Pitfalls of Executing Strategy

We see the same mistakes over and over again. Strategy execution is challenging but leaders often make it even tougher. In our work with global leaders and their teams, we see repeated, universal...

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Jean Williams Mar 25, 2015

The Missing Link for Strategy Execution

The concept of “cascading a strategy” is important, but incomplete. “Cascading Strategy” implies only a vertical downward movement of information. Although it is an appealing image, the concept...

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Jean Williams Feb 25, 2015
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