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A Crucial Time for Conscious Communication

Because we are seeing more and more companies experiment with the flexible model that is hybrid work, the kind of deliberate and compassionate discussions that result from conscious communication are more important now than ever before.

Red Hot Inflation: Equip Your Leaders with the Business Acumen Skills to Manage It

We’ve read about it. We’ve heard about it. And we feel it. Inflation is at a 40-year high in the United States. And it’s not incremental. It’s substantial and profound. What’s causing such unprecedented inflation? Well, there are two primary forces driving it: the global pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Insights that Stick

Here at Insight Experience, we understand the need to ask ourselves the important questions about what happens after a leadership development program successfully draws to a close: How do we reinforce the learning? How do we measure its success and support the leaders who took a deep dive into the impact of their leadership actions?

The Benefits of In-Person Leadership Development for a Remote Workforce

According to a recent study by Gallup, only 23% of remote-capable employees will work in the office full time in 2022 and beyond, leaving a whopping 77% of employees working in hybrid or fully remote settings[i]. This statistic may leave HR directors and training professionals alike wondering if there is still a reason to conduct in-person leadership development training. In fact, initial data suggests in-person training is more critical than ever. There are five major benefits:

Learning to Braid to Execute Business Strategy

Executing business strategy is like a braid — specifically, a French braid, the beautiful, twisted strands of hair atop one's head. Both require a clear start and ongoing adjustments.  

Authentic Leadership: How Do You Get There?

Authentic leadership is an invitation to be our true best selves, not some idealized version of a leader. And it is no easy task to develop the skills to be our authentic selves in today's complex working environments. The best way to develop self-awareness and your authentic style is through practice and feedback. Business simulations enable experiential learning in high-context situations. They create ideal environments for building your “leadership muscle” that accommodates your best self, all through understanding your strengths and triggers.  

An Open Letter to Our Participants

From Your Friendly, if Quiet, Producer