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Accelerate Your Leadership: Expand, Zoom, Focus, Balance!

"Directing attention toward where it needs to go is a primal task of leadership."

— Daniel Goleman (Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence)

Leadership is a key differentiator in today's hypercompetitive global economy. Successful leaders now must integrate and balance competencies in multiple dimensions, and they use a wide range of leadership levers to drive strategic results. Leaders must understand the interplay between their leadership skills, behaviors, and business results and must have a balanced mindset around both their team/organization and the larger enterprise.

Leaders who lead with great intentions also get busy, and it can be challenging for them to find the time to develop and balance their own capabilities as a leader. But it is imperative.

How do leaders achieve such balanced leadership? What exactly does it mean to be a balanced leader?

There are three critical dimensions that balanced leaders pay attention to in order to mobilize teams, focus on the future, and deliver results more consistently and effectively than their peers. Balanced leaders have the skills to flex, when needed, across these three dimensions, which helps them maximize their leadership impact in every situation.

This white paper — "Accelerate Your Leadership: Expand, Zoom, Focus and Balance!" — examines the three dimensions, shares research findings from multiple sources, and explains why and how leaders can develop balanced skills and perspective.


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Amanda Young Hickman
Amanda Young Hickman
Amanda Young Hickman has over 20 years of experience advising and leading clients on the design and implementation of strategic change initiatives and leadership development experiences. She is an expert facilitator and a seasoned program designer who works in all phases of learning experience design and delivery. Amanda is a founding partner of Insight Experience and believes in the impact a leader has on an organization and its results.