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Amanda Young Hickman

Amanda Young Hickman

Amanda Young Hickman has over 20 years of experience advising and leading clients on the design and implementation of strategic change initiatives and leadership development experiences. She is an expert facilitator and a seasoned program designer who works in all phases of learning experience design and delivery. Amanda is a founding partner of Insight Experience and believes in the impact a leader has on an organization and its results.

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Business Simulations: The Challenge Leaders Need

Have you been through a simulation lately?

The ART of Connection in Leadership Development

Connection is the core of effective leadership development.

Insight Experience: Best of 2021

Throughout the year at our blog, we share practical leadership tips and observations. The “greatest hits” of the year (the six most visited posts) are often an interesting snapshot of what matters to leaders right now. This year the top visited blogs tell the story of the challenges leaders face in the new normal: How should leaders spend their time? How can they engage teams? Below we present you with six of our most talked about Insightful Ideas from 2021:

The ART of Leadership Development

Developing leaders is not a simple, one size fits all process. Leaders have different styles, strengths, and challenges. Any learning program needs to support diverse learning styles and be relevant to the specific context and situation facing leaders in their work environment.

Large Scale Meeting? Large Scale Learning!

Most of our clients use business simulations in virtual or classroom settings. Groups of 15 or 25 or even 50 are the norm, and our simulation experiences trigger interesting interactions, great discussion and debate, insights in a business context, and great relationship building. Participants leave the experience with insights about themselves and their roles.

What is Empathetic Leadership?

Empathy is simply defined as the ability to identify with others and be aware of their thoughts and feelings. Empathetic leadership is rooted in bringing that perspective into your decisions and actions as a leader.

Powerful Communication Opportunities Most Leaders Miss

Employees pay an extraordinary amount of attention to what we do in the moment. What we communicate when we aren’t formally thinking about communication is what employees actually hear.