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Jean Williams

Jean Williams

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How Senior Leaders Use their Time as a Strategic Asset

Senior leaders know all too well the unrelenting demands on their time – from one-on-one meetings, to direct report meetings, to public speaking events, to strategy sessions, to finance sessions, to HR issues, to legal issues, to board meetings … the list goes on.

The 8 Predictable Pitfalls of Executing Strategy

We see the same mistakes over and over again. Strategy execution is challenging but leaders often make it even tougher. In our work with global leaders and their teams, we see repeated, universal strategy execution missteps that leaders should learn to recognize and avoid.

The Missing Link for Strategy Execution

The concept of “cascading a strategy” is important, but incomplete. “Cascading Strategy” implies only a vertical downward movement of information. Although it is an appealing image, the concept misses the increasingly vital need to align and share strategies across organizational boundaries: to build alignment across an extended network of functions and geographies in order to deliver results.

Better Strategy Alignment—It’s All About Communication

Webster Dictionary defines “organization” as an organized body of people with a particular purpose, especially a business, society, association, etc. synonyms: company, firm, corporation.”

Decision Making—Why Navigating the Gray is Good

Making decisions in a leadership role is hard. In today’s world, there are few easy choices. Most decisions can be argued from either side and are rooted in a mix of assumptions and incomplete data. Leaders must have the skills to sort through the all of the complexities and noise and ultimately pick a path.