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Krista Campbell

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Why Waiting for In-Person Training is a Mistake

When we first proposed to some of our clients that they pivot classroom workshops to virtual training, we got more than a few hasty “No, we’ll wait till we can meet in person again” responses. There was a fear that a virtual training might not be as impactful or as engaging as in-person sessions and that, as a result, it would be better to hold off for a few months than to settle for a virtual experience. However, this kind of thinking is doing leaders and businesses a disservice. For one thing, it is still unknown when it will be safe to return to in-person training. And, once it is deemed safe to return, in-person training will almost certainly look different than it did before the pandemic. What we do know is that postponing training based on a wish for the future will result in a missed opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of remote training.

Eight Elements of Business Simulations that Grab Learners' Attention in a Virtual Setting

During the summer of 2019, we created an infographic detailing both WHAT leaders learn from a Business Simulation and HOW leaders learn during a business simulation.The rapid push to virtual work has made the summer of 2020 look very different from both a work and life perspective. Yet, while so much else has changed, the impact of a business simulation remains intact. The combination of experiential learning and collaborative exercises in which individuals connect and interact make business simulations the perfect solution for a virtual leadership development experience. Business simulations have eight key elements that make them effective in the virtual setting as they drive interaction and create opportunities for feedback and reflection.