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Ned Wasniewski

Ned Wasniewski

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Red-Hot Inflation: Equip Your Leaders with the Business Acumen Skills to Manage It

We’ve read about it. We’ve heard about it. And we feel it. Inflation is at a 40-year high in the United States. And it’s not incremental. It’s substantial and profound. What’s causing such unprecedented inflation? Well, there are two primary forces driving it: the global pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Five Ways to Build Business Acumen

Insight Experience’s simulation-based learning experiences train corporate leaders in developing business acumen and financial literacy. Without fail, I am asked by one of my students at the close of sessions how they can continue to build their business acumen skills and knowledge. For this there is no shortage of resources. One just needs an abundance of curiosity. Here are some of the best resources available to build those business acumen muscles.

Understanding a Company’s Real Financial Reports

Publicly traded companies are required by law to publish financial reports – the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. They must be provided to the public on a quarterly and annual basis. This requirement enables shareholders and prospective investors to monitor companies and assess their investment-worthiness. While the information provided in publicly available financial reports contains details that might intimidate a novice reader, they are, in fact, a summary of a company’s performance. To truly monitor financial performance, a company will maintain a second set of reports – with much greater detail – that are used internally to truly understand how it’s doing.

Leading in a Hybrid Work Environment

The transition to virtual work in 2020 was a grand and, for many companies, a successful working experiment. Now we are about to engage in another grand experiment: the transition to hybrid work.

Leaders as Teachers

Visionary! Change Agent! Coach! Teacher?

What is Strategy Execution and Why is it Important for Leaders?

What is Strategy Execution? We’ve all heard the term strategy execution many times. It’s bandied about by management consultants and leadership gurus, but what exactly is meant by it? Let’s begin with a definition and then consider the skills and behaviors required to do it well.

The Importance of Prioritization in Executing Strategy

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve led dozens of simulation-based workshops focused on executing strategy. I’ve learned much from the hundreds of leaders I’ve had the pleasure of teaching. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned – and one universal truth – that is common among the many companies with whom I’ve worked, it’s that there are “more good ideas than resources available to pursue them."