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Pamela Roller

Pamela Roller

Pamela Roller is a director at Insight Experience , a Boston-based firm delivering contextually rich, simulation-based learning experiences that accelerate leadership development, business acumen and strategy execution.

Recent Posts:

Prime Your Leaders for Learning

When people are enjoying themselves, they can be more open to taking in new information. And, if the material is compelling, they usually retain it longer than they would otherwise.

Influencing Without Authority - 3 Skills for Leading

In many organizations, lines of authority and reporting are complex. You may have more than one boss or be tasked with leading a cross-functional team where no one reports to you. Leading within this type of organizational structure can be challenging if you're accustomed to leading dedicated resources with clear, hierarchical reporting. Without consistent and clear lines of reporting, a leader must develop interpersonal skills to influence without authority.

4 Tips for Executing Strategy in a Matrix Organization

Often leaders in a matrix organization are working with people from very different parts of the organization to focus on a common initiative. A group of talented colleagues may have the requisite collection of skills, but likely also bring competing projects and deadlines from various leaders within the organization.

Lessons from the Field: Strategic Thinking as Markets Evolve

Markets and customers are rapidly evolving in the financial services industry. With a business imperative to stay relevant and competitive, leaders are challenged to make day-to-day decisions that will align with the strategy and drive business results. A clear strategy doesn’t mean an inflexible one. Quite the opposite. Clarity enhances flexibility – a concept that is counter-intuitive and yet easily understood after experience and reflection.