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Take a Walk through the Strategy Execution Cycle

Every manager must be able to take the strategy handed down from above (sometimes more clearly than others!) and make that strategy work for their teams.  The Strategy Execution Cycle lays out an interconnected path for making that happen.  First, a manager must Understand what the larger strategy is – the big picture and the larger goals.  Based on that understanding, the manager must then Translate it in terms, metrics, and expectations that are meaningful to the team.  Implementation of the strategy is the day to day work of the team, meeting customer needs, responding to the unexpected, and working toward the expectations set in the Translate stage.  The Measure stage checks performance against those expectations, and the Adapt stage course corrects.  But the stages cannot happen only linearly -- all of these stages happen multiple times over the course of any business’ regular operations. 


We invite you to “take a walk” through this cycle in our Walkable Infographic.  With the link below, you can “teleport” yourself to a new kind of online experience – the Spatial Media world of Topia.  In a spatial media world, you can encounter new information, interact with items in the landscape, and maybe even meet a fellow traveler exploring the world.  This world, our Walkable Infographic, allows you to tour the different stages of the Strategy Execution Cycle at your own pace.  When you land in the world, you can walk around in the form of an avatar by using your arrow keys or clicking your mouse.  Enjoy – and if you run into someone there, just say hi or maybe even chat about what you see.

Take a Walk through the Cycle of Strategy Execution


Kristin Leydig Bryant is an expert facilitator with Insight Experience, a Boston-based firm delivering contextually rich business simulations and learning experiences to accelerate and integrate leadership, business acumen, and strategy execution.