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Inquiry or Advocacy for New Leaders

We work in fast-paced, changing organizations that have structures that are less and less…structured. To get work done, leaders have to be savvier than ever at knowing when, how and who to talk to. This requirement can be a heavy burden for a new leader, having entered the management ranks with a small network and communication skills that may or may not be ready for the task.

The Two Word Secret to Making the Matrix Work

The matrix is here to stay. It’s an organizational structure, when done right, that can be agile and responsive to the market; can knit together global and local priorities; can leverage centralized skills and can enable local accountability.

How are you exercising your leadership power?

There was a striking confluence of events as I was concluding a webinar on the Economics of Trust late last week. I had just reviewed a slide citing corporate and government examples of the linkage between Leadership, Trust, Culture and Results.

The Economics of Trust: Connecting Leadership to Business Results

View the slides from our popular webinar, "The Economics of Trust: Connecting Leadership to Business Results".        

Trust: Connecting Leadership to Business Results

What's the ROI of improving leadership trust behaviors in your organization?  Learn about the economics of trust by watching this popular webinar: 

Leader as Teacher

Visionary! Change Agent! Coach! Teacher?

Lessons from the Field: Strategic Thinking as Markets Evolve

Markets and customers are rapidly evolving in the financial services industry. With a business imperative to stay relevant and competitive, leaders are challenged to make day-to-day decisions that will align with the strategy and drive business results. A clear strategy doesn’t mean an inflexible one. Quite the opposite. Clarity enhances flexibility – a concept that is counter-intuitive and yet easily understood after experience and reflection.