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How to Execute Strategy in a Hybrid Work World

Translating strategy from the top of an organization to the bottom is not a new challenge. From pivoting priorities to launching new values or implementing new business processes, leaders have grappled with the challenge of aligning across the levels of an organization for years. The shift to hybrid working environments exacerbates the challenge. Now more than ever it is imperative for leaders to clearly communicate their strategy to make sure that people, processes, and projects (sometimes referred to as the braid) are aligned.

Insights that Stick

Here at Insight Experience, we understand the need to ask ourselves the important questions about what happens after a leadership development program successfully draws to a close: How do we reinforce the learning? How do we measure its success and support the leaders who took a deep dive into the impact of their leadership actions?

The Benefits of In-Person Leadership Development for a Remote Workforce

According to a recent study by Gallup, only 23% of remote-capable employees will work in the office full time in 2022 and beyond, leaving a whopping 77% of employees working in hybrid or fully remote settings[i]. This statistic may leave HR directors and training professionals alike wondering if there is still a reason to conduct in-person leadership development training. In fact, initial data suggests in-person training is more critical than ever. There are five major benefits:

An Open Letter to Our Participants

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4 Simple Ways to Customize Your Leadership Development

Customized leadership development inherently has a higher impact on leaders and organizational results. Since tailored learning can be closely connected to the challenges a business faces or the environment in which it operates, leaders can see the value of putting a leadership program’s ideas into practice. Customization can help participants see “what’s in it for them” more clearly, as well as help the organization build a common understanding of “what it means to lead here.”