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"Teach Not Tell": The Time-Saving Way to Build Your Team

Leaders have expressed for years how hard it is to find time to address those important-but-not-urgent tasks made famous by President Eisenhower’s two-by-two matrix. Today, finding time takes on a new urgency. When leaders are squeezed by new operating modes, increased turnover, longer hiring cycles, and more demands on their work-life balance, they find it hard to step back and think about longer trajectories and broader frames. In fact, according to a survey of 2,800 workers by staffing firm Robert Half, nearly 70% of professionals who transitioned to remote work as a result of the pandemic report that they now work on the weekends, and 45% say they regularly work more hours during the week than they did previously. For many leaders, it feels as if there are simply not enough hours in their days to fit everything in.

Reclaiming the Power of Networking

The longer I work in the field of leadership development and the longer I am a human being, I find that I increasingly appreciate the power of the network. In my experience, networking — a term that many of us dislike and even fear — can be the fastest and most enjoyable way to obtain and share useful information with the good people with whom we work. And I have seen more and more clients paying attention to not only their internal networks within their organisations but also their external networks.

5 Practical Ways to Take Professional Development into Your Own Hands

Before joining the ranks of the so-called Great Reshuffle, you may want to think twice. Have you truly learned everything you can in your current workplace? Even if your employer isn’t actively investing in you, you could mine your current role for career-changing growth opportunities before you start anew. Taking personal development into your own hands is up to you and your mindset.

Why Does Mentorship Matter?

Although mentorship is a hot topic in some Leadership and Development circles, it's largely viewed as a "nice to have" for most up-and-coming leaders. According to a recent conversation with Insight Experience expert facilitator Laurel Tyler, having a mentor isn't simply a career accelerator for junior leaders; it's also a fulfilling gift to become a mentor.

Why Leadership Development is Critical for Salespeople in Healthcare

Picture this: You’re a sales rep for a product that hospitals use, whether a device, a drug, or a piece of equipment. You believe in the product. You believe that it works better than the other products in the market. You’ve seen lives changed by this product. You’re proud of it.

It's About Time

Why is it that some Fridays find us feeling proud of our productivity, while other weeks we barely make it to Wednesday before the completion anxiety kicks in? Sometimes the interruptions come in waves and fires pop up with alarming frequency. All of your best people call in sick, your voicemail fills up, and your inbox piles high.

Leadership Development for Individual Contributors

Employees are often promoted to their first leadership position as a result of their performance as individual contributors. These new leaders, therefore, need to make the shift from delivering results themselves to delivering results through others. In some cases, individuals are not promoted to people-leadership roles but rather to larger-scope individual contributor roles. In these types of roles, they are required to influence and deliver results through others, often as project leaders or by working with cross-functional or matrixed teams. Insight Experience is excited to have recently adapted a leadership development program, originally designed for frontline and first-time leaders, into one for individual contributors. Though there were some notable changes to the program design and business simulation, the core learning points remain intact.