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Reclaiming the Power of Networking

The longer I work in the field of leadership development and the longer I am a human being, I find that I increasingly appreciate the power of the network. In my experience, networking — a term that many of us dislike and even fear — can be the fastest and most enjoyable way to obtain and share useful information with the good people with whom we work. And I have seen more and more clients paying attention to not only their internal networks within their organisations but also their external networks.

How to Execute Strategy in a Hybrid Work World

Translating strategy from the top of an organization to the bottom is not a new challenge. From pivoting priorities to launching new values or implementing new business processes, leaders have grappled with the challenge of aligning across the levels of an organization for years. The shift to hybrid working environments exacerbates the challenge. Now more than ever it is imperative for leaders to clearly communicate their strategy to make sure that people, processes, and projects (sometimes referred to as the braid) are aligned.

Authentic Leadership: How Do You Get There?

Authentic leadership is an invitation to be our true best selves, not some idealized version of a leader. And it is no easy task to develop the skills to be our authentic selves in today's complex working environments. The best way to develop self-awareness and your authentic style is through practice and feedback. Business simulations enable experiential learning in high-context situations. They create ideal environments for building your “leadership muscle” that accommodates your best self, all through understanding your strengths and triggers.