5 Min Read
    Executing Strategy: A Q&A with Faculty Kristin Leydig Bryant and Krista Campbell
    According to the 2022 Workplace Learning Report from LinkedIn Learning, 49% of learning and development leaders say...
    5 Min Read
    Transitioning to 2023: From "Doing Leadership" to Being a Leader
    In an article published in late December, Markus Keiper — a man who wears many hats, including executive and career...
    3 Min Read
    Insightful Ideas: Best of 2022
    It's that time of year! And, no, we don't mean hot cocoa, sweater weather, mistletoe, and menorahs (though we hope you...
    2 Min Read
    "Teach Not Tell": The Time-Saving Way to Build Your Team
    Leaders have expressed for years how hard it is to find time to address those important-but-not-urgent tasks made...
    4 Min Read
    Why Do Leadership Development Programs Fail?
    In the United States, an estimated $166 billion — yes, that's with a "b" — is spent each year on leadership development...
    4 Min Read
    Evaluate Your Leadership: Do They Trust You with the Truth?
    How can you know that, as a leader, you are hearing the full story from your people? After all, the way you lead...
    6 Min Read
    5 Practical Ways to Take Professional Development into Your Own Hands
    Before joining the ranks of the so-called Great Reshuffle, you may want to think twice. Have you truly learned...
    5 Min Read
    Insight Experience Recognized for Excellence in Leadership Development
    Insight Experience is pleased to announce that we have received three coveted 2022 awards that recognize our...
    2 Min Read
    When Time Is Money: Understanding the Complexities of Financial Reporting
    I teach financial acumen to senior leaders all over the world. Although financial regulations, cultural practices, and...

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