5 Min Read
    Executing Strategy: A Q&A with Faculty Kristin Leydig Bryant and Krista Campbell
    According to the 2022 Workplace Learning Report from LinkedIn Learning, 49% of learning and development leaders say...
    3 Min Read
    Insightful Ideas: Best of 2022
    It's that time of year! And, no, we don't mean hot cocoa, sweater weather, mistletoe, and menorahs (though we hope you...
    4 Min Read
    How to Execute Strategy in a Hybrid Work World
    Translating strategy from the top of an organization to the bottom is not a new challenge. From pivoting priorities to...
    2 Min Read
    Learning to Braid to Execute Business Strategy
    Executing business strategy is like a braid — specifically, a French braid, the beautiful, twisted strands of hair atop...
    2 Min Read
    Building Trust Through the Business Cycle of Leadership
    It’s no secret that trust is key in an engaging and productive work culture. When crisis strikes, organizations with a...
    2 Min Read
    It's About Time
    Why is it that some Fridays find us feeling proud of our productivity, while other weeks we barely make it to Wednesday...
    5 Min Read
    Your Chance to Eavesdrop at our Virtual Water Cooler!
    One of the elements that is often absent from virtual leadership development programs is the lively “oh, by the way”...
    2 Min Read
    Strategy Execution Terms: A Metalworking Approach
    Goals. Objectives. KPIs. OKRs. Metrics. Success Factors. Vision. Mission. Purpose. And then there’s the elusive “Value...
    1 Min Read
    Take a Walk through the Strategy Execution Cycle
    Every manager must be able to take the strategy handed down from above (sometimes more clearly than others!) and make...

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