3 Min Read
    An Open Letter to Our Participants
    From Your Friendly, if Quiet, Producer  
    2 Min Read
    Large Scale Meeting? Large Scale Learning!
    Most of our clients use business simulations in virtual or classroom settings. Groups of 15 or 25 or even 50 are the...
    4 Min Read
    What Your Hybrid Employees Want You to Know
    At Insight Experience, we have used a hybrid working model since our inception. We have had 20 years of experience in...
    4 Min Read
    Four Lessons Learned for Virtual L&D Success in 2021
    2020 was a tumultuous year, and with tumultuous times comes great learning.
    4 Min Read
    The ABCs of Virtual Leadership
    Virtual Leadership is the new norm. What are the skills, attributes, and key considerations for leading in a virtual...
    4 Min Read
    The Three P’s of (Virtual) Facilitation
    Our world is virtual. So, what does this mean for learning and development — and, specifically, for facilitators?
    3 Min Read
    Leading During Pandemic Fatigue
    December 2020 looks and feels shockingly similar to March 2020. Covid-19 cases are yet again on the rise, most people...
    3 Min Read
    Q & A with Author and Expert Facilitator Kristin Leydig Bryant
    Author of 72 Easy Tricks for Better Virtual Meetings: Achieve Goals, Engage People, and Leave Smiling - Even in an...
    5 Min Read
    The Unexpected Advantage of Virtual Learning
    The inclusion of senior executives in leadership development has long been the summit in program design.

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