3 Min Read
    Insightful Ideas: Best of 2022
    It's that time of year! And, no, we don't mean hot cocoa, sweater weather, mistletoe, and menorahs (though we hope you...
    2 Min Read
    When Time Is Money: Understanding the Complexities of Financial Reporting
    I teach financial acumen to senior leaders all over the world. Although financial regulations, cultural practices, and...
    2 Min Read
    Red-Hot Inflation: Equip Your Leaders with the Business Acumen Skills to Manage It
    We’ve read about it. We’ve heard about it. And we feel it. Inflation is at a 40-year high in the United States. And...
    2 Min Read
    Learning to Braid to Execute Business Strategy
    Executing business strategy is like a braid — specifically, a French braid, the beautiful, twisted strands of hair atop...
    2 Min Read
    Business Simulations: The Challenge Leaders Need
    Have you been through a simulation lately?
    2 Min Read
    The ART of Leadership Development
    Developing leaders is not a simple, one size fits all process. Leaders have different styles, strengths, and...
    4 Min Read
    Insight Experience: Winner of Three 2021 Brandon Hall Awards
    Insight Experience is delighted to announce the acceptance of three prestigious 2021 Brandon Hall Awards. The Brandon...
    2 Min Read
    Focusing on the Small Picture
    When a client reaches out to us to discuss the creation of a Business Acumen leadership development course, they...
    5 Min Read
    Simulations as the Practice Field for Business
    At Insight Experience, we believe in the value of using the business simulation methodology to teach business acumen...

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